A New Method of Facial Cleansing

I’ll start by saying this – NO replacement brush heads. If that doesn’t make you excited for this beauty gadget, I’m not sure what will. The Foreo brand of facial cleansing devices made their debut in 2013, and since then, they’ve taken the world of beauty by storm.


With so many cleansing brushes on the market, you might be asking yourself “what makes Foreo so unique?” Foreo has created a line of silicone skincare devices that contain tiny bristles which are incredibly gentle to the skin’s surface. When activated, each device sends T-sonic pulsations deep into the layers of your skin not only to remove dead skin cells from the surface, but to also unclog your pores and remove up to 99.5% of all dirt and oil. Certain devices among this product line, allow users to adjust the intensity level of its pulsations.

Because the bristles are built into each individual device, there will never be a need to purchase replacement brush heads. Similar to other cleansing brushes, Foreo products are chargeable. Each device will come with its own charging cord, however it is unlikely that you’ll need to use it very often. These bad boys are said to last up to 450 uses before needing to to recharge.


My Favorite FOREO Product and Why I Love It

1. The Luna 2 offers 4 different brush options, each containing bristles made for different skin types.

2. The Luna’s silicone bristles do not harbor bacteria, as do most nylon cleansing brushes.

3. The Luna 2 also doubles as an anti aging device.

4. This device helps increase product absorption.

5. This device does not require replacement brush heads (yay)

6.  The Luna 2 is soft, and gentle on your skin while still providing an extraordinarily deep clean.

7. The device is small, and easy to travel with as it does not require the use of additional parts and pieces.

8. Every Luna 2 purchased comes with a free 2-Year Limited Warranty.

If you’re not ready to invest in the Luna 2, but I’ve sparked your curiosity – the Luna Play may be the perfect fit for you. This adorable little cleansing device is only $39 and is a fantastic intro to T-sonic cleansing.  Shop Now at FOREO.com