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In early November I wrote a blog post about a new company I had discovered called Function of Beauty.(If you missed my original post, you can view it here.)They are redefining the way we choose our hair care products, and they’ve really taken the world of beauty by storm. The company’s core values focus on the celebration of individuality with the idea that not all of us are the same, and neither is our hair. Function of Beauty creates a customized set of shampoo and conditioner based off of your individualized hair care needs. What more could a girl want? (Besides a bottle of Rosé and a new pair of shoes.)

I’ve been using my customized set for about 3 months now, and I wanted to give you all some insight as to how it’s working for me. I’ll fill you in on the selections I made during my initial hair quiz, followed by a quick review of the products themselves.

The Hair Quiz

The first part of the hair quiz asks you to select your hair type. For my hair, I chose the following: straight, fine, with normal scalp moisture.

Then it’s time to select your hair goals, you may select up to 5. I decided that I wanted to repair any split ends, strengthen my hair overall, improve shine, lengthen my hair, and nourish my roots.


I chose the colors of my bottles, named my formula, and decided to add essential oils for fragrance.(The essential oils smell heavenly by the way) What’s really nice is that you have the option to go dye free if you prefer to do so. I also love the fact that you can choose your fragrance strength, as some people are sensitive to different fragrances. hiar-quiz-3

Once you’ve chosen your colors, and you’ve selected a fragrance you will then have the option to pick bottle sizes. I ordered a 16oz bottle of shampoo, with an 8oz bottle of conditioner. Yet another thing that I LOVE – who else out there runs out of shampoo, but still has a months worth of conditioner left over?!? Problem solved.

For my first go around, I decided to place a “one time order”, however you have the option to select an automatic reorder, as well as the frequency in which your products will be sent to you. With how long these products have lasted me, I will most likely select a reorder frequency of every 3 months when I go to place my next order.

But How Well Do They Work?

Alight, let’s get down to the nitty gritty – how well do these products work? I can tell you that after about three months of using my customized shampoo and conditioner set, I’ve noticed quite a few differences in my hair growth, texture, and even color.

#1. My hair is growing faster than it ever has.

#2. Overall, my hair is by far the softest it’s ever been.

#3. Something I did not expect – my natural color has really been brought back to life. I decided about two years ago to stop coloring my hair, and since then it’s never really gone back to my normal hair color. These products have seemed to bring my hair back to its original shade. (Only more of a richer version – I’ll take it!)

So what didn’t I like about these products? Despite all of the positives, I did have two issues that I’m hoping can be adjusted. First and foremost, my hair is incredibly fine and prone to breaking, I was really hoping these products would help strengthen my hair but it hasn’t really seemed to make much of a difference yet. I’m hoping this can be fixed with a new formula the next time I order. (I’m planning on limiting my “hair goals” to hopefully bump up the formula strength) Secondly, I noticed that my scalp was incredibly dry. This isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before, but again I believe this can be fixed with a new formula.

Overall, despite these two negatives I’m really impressed with this brand. I love the quality, the customization and truly everything the company stands for. I’ll be placing my next order soon, and hopefully with a few changes to my formula we’ll get it just right! Click here if you’re interested in giving this brand a try, and comment with your experiences below – I’d love to know what you think!










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