$4 Shampoo? Yes Please!

Recently I have been using Function of Beauty hair care products. (You can read my last blog post about them here.) I waited a little too long to re-order last month, and I wanted to find an inexpensive alternative while I waited for my new set to arrive. I decided to give the Finesse Restore and Strengthen duo a try, and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

First and foremost – who wouldn’t want to find a $4 shampoo + conditioner that works well? I’m not going to lie to you.. because of the price I instantly assumed the products would leave much to be desired. However, I have to say they’ve proven me wrong.


My first impression: these products left my hair feeling exceptionally clean. Although many inexpensive shampoos and conditioners give your hair that deep clean feeling, I often find that my hair feels stripped of its nutrients and lacks in luster afterwards. This was not the case with Finesse. I got the same ultra clean, but my hair was full of body, and still maintained a soft texture.

The products have a subtle scent which is really great for a lot of people. (Some people are sensitive to overpowering perfumes.) For me, I really liked this – the products smell nice, and the scent carries through my hair after its been washed however it’s not overwhelming. I use a ton of products in my hair after washing, so I really don’t care for heavy perfumes that may not mix well with the scents of my other products.

Overall – this buy will be on repeat in my household. Seriously, who can beat $4?! I purchase mine at Walgreens, but you can also shop Finesse products at Walmart. Get yours here.


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